Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can You Shoot Up Lortab 10s?

explanations as to be inconsistent.
We read in the press as an attempt by the Mayor and Councillor Laurenzazno environment and budget, including Vice-Mayor Frank Landi, climbing on mirrors frankly, have made the defense of the office of your choice to increase TARSU.
So far nothing strange, because every politician and administrator is normal to defend his actions and his choices, but frankly the "apologies" are as inconsistent.
that nobody wants to raise taxes I think it's obvious, but the fact is that this coupling of the center has done twice in 2008 and quite substantial, thus leading so that a large increase from 2009 will be structural, with rates that are scary. National Alliance and the opposition parties present in the municipal council, already denounced in October and then in December the "great offensive tax" that would cut down on atripaldesi, our work to limit actions by the council, perhaps the most will remember the complaints made in the press. Mayor and Councillor in their press release complaining that in recent years, there has been a disproportionate increase in the amount of waste produced in Atripalda or collected in bins located along the road of our city streets, denouncing as residents limitofri countries, through the our city, have the habit dispose of rubbish in our bins. This phenomenon is due to the fact that in almost all neighboring countries, you make a collection for years "door to door" that has disappeared from the classical bins on city streets. This is the first point here is that the same culprits and blaming themselves because Atripalda is so striking a delay on the collection? National Alliance calls for years to establish in our city such a system of waste collection and how it is done for now just on the outskirts of the city?
is the first major political and administrative negligence, which is even more serious if we think the commissioner to the branch, Landi opera proprio nel campo, essendo dipendente dell’impianto di CDR di pianodardine. Dovrebbe essere un esperto quindi, ma a quanto pare sta fallendo miseramente.
Altro punto il sito di stoccaggio di tufarole, a che punto sta la richiesta di dissequestro?
Perché non si è provveduto ad individuare una nuova area di stoccaggio provvisoria? Era stata annunciata in c.da palmoleta che fine ha fatto? È stato conveniente non investire su tale struttura, preferendo salassare gli atripaldesi? Le famiglie gia raschiano il fondo del barile, i commercianti e tutte le attività produttive, in un periodo di vacche magre si trovano una tassa aumentata del 100%, che mette a rischio i bilanci delle proprie attività. Molte attività si troveranno a pagare 200 euro di TARSU al mese. Ma state scherzando? Quando io parlo che la TARSU è stata aumentata e sono state emanate due bollette integrative per ripianare un buco, mi riferisco all’ingiunzione di pagamento che è stato emesso dal Tribunale di Avellino dietro richiesta del CO.SMA.RI. che vanta crediti per circa 800 mila euro, tutti con riferimento a fatture emesse negli anni 2007-08 e non pagate.
Il gettito ordinario della TARSU pagata lo scorso anno a cosa è servito se abbiamo debiti col consorzio di una tale portata, sarebbe stato “normale” o plausibile avere un residuo passivo di 3-4 centomila euro, ma tale importo è pauroso e sospetto. La questione è ancora più nebulosa se si pensa che durante the waste crisis, the City of Atripalda has used the services of the company also boasts that Irpinia Recoveries of loans and to pay off debts which have been approved budget for the coverage of which was done in installments. De Vizia Transfer with other 500 000 € debt for 2007, reported as off-balance. But as the matter has been handled to date waste if we just debts?
The fact is that there are serious this whole situation, partly known and partly not, Mayor and not feel a moral obligation to hold a City Council ad hoc, but the maximum I can do is announce a public meeting. But at this point what is the City Council if all the administrative action is limited to restricted press releases and press conferences? Perhaps already the Council was dissolved and we were not informed? Because we are afraid of confrontation? On such an issue I will show that the hall of the City Council would be packed, especially for the first time on this occasion it will be clear and transparent with the public. Now I just have to request the convening of the board through the formula of the fifth of the directors, being sure that my colleagues will certainly be more sensitive to minority and hard-working nell'apporre his signature to the request. Antonio Prezioso
Parent Council Chamber Atripalda National Alliance to the PDL


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